Anthony P. DeMichele successfully defended an MRI facility and one of its technologists at arbitration in a matter involving claims of professional negligence. Plaintiffs were husband and wife and claimed that the husband was injured when he fell from a MRI table after his MRI was completed. The wife brought a claim for loss of consortium. Plaintiffs argued that the MRI facility and its technologist were liable because the technologist failed to safely remove the husband from the table after the MRI machine malfunctioned. Mr. DeMichele argued that the MRI facility had appropriate policies and procedures in place for the safe removal of its patients in the event of a table malfunction and that the technologist followed these policies and procedures. Further, Mr. DeMichele argued that it was the husband’s own actions and failure to follow the instructions that were provided to him, which caused him to sustain his alleged injuries. Mr. DeMichele also argued that the husband’s alleged injuries were inconsistent with the medical records from his treating physicians. The arbitration panel agreed with Mr. DeMichele and entered an award in favor of the MRI facility and its technologist on all claims.