Heather Hansen¬†recently obtained a defense verdict on behalf of an internal medicine physician in Delaware County. In the case, the plaintiff presented to the emergency department of a local hospital and was admitted for treatment of a suspected urinary tract infection. Plaintiff claimed that she advised the hospital and the internal medicine physician that she took the medication Ativan at home, but that they failed to provide this medication during her hospitalization. On her fourth hospital day, the plaintiff suffered a seizure and was later found to have compression fractures of the superior endplates of her thoracic vertebrae at multiple levels. Plaintiff alleged that the internal medicine physician and the hospital were negligent by failing to perform a complete medication reconciliation which led to a failure to prescribe Ativan and caused her to suffer a withdrawal seizure. The defense presented evidence that appropriate medication reconciliation was performed by the internal medicine physician and that there were a number of other potential causes for plaintiff’s seizure. After an eight day trial and brief deliberation, the jury returned a verdict of no negligence against the internal medicine physician.