Dan RyanCarolyn Bohmueller and paralegal Stacy Jaeger received a defense verdict on behalf of a hand surgeon in Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. Plaintiff-father and his 11 year old son were involved in a rollover motor vehicle accident, in which the child’s right thumb was partially amputated. The minor was brought to the hospital via helicopter, where his thumb was examined. Following discussions with the parents, and specifically with the child’s father, who was a plastic surgeon, the child was taken to the operating room to address the injury. Plaintiff-father claimed that he did not give consent for a “completion amputation” of the tip of the thumb. At trial, plaintiffs did not pursue their claim that the surgery was improperly performed, and rather only proceeded on a claim of lack of consent. It was established during trial that the distal portion (or end) of the thumb including the first joint had been amputated and injured beyond repair during the accident, and that the plaintiff-father agreed to the surgical procedure performed. After a three day trial, the jury found consent was given for the surgical procedure and returned a verdict in favor of the surgeon.