Marshall L. Schwartz recently obtained a defense verdict on behalf of a hospital in a four-day jury trial in the Chester County Court of Common Pleas. The case involved allegations that the defendant hospital failed to rotate, turn and reposition the patient during his hospitalization, and as a result, the patient developed a stage IV pressure ulcer.

The case involved a patient that was admitted to the hospital with complaints of a headache, confusion, and weakness. Imaging identified masses on his brain, and the patient underwent several brain surgeries. The patient remained in critical condition at the hospital for approximately three months while he recovered. During this time, he developed several medical issues including the development of pressure ulcers.

The defense argued that although the patient developed pressure ulcers, it was not the result of any negligent action on behalf of the medical providers at the hospital but that it was unavoidable as a result of the patient’s critical, life threatening illness, multiple comorbidities and his past medical history.
After a brief deliberation, the jury returned a verdict, finding that the defendant hospital was not negligent.